April 10, 2013 - We hope you enjoyed our April Fool's Joke. The survey is now closed and we are happy to report that Buzz is here to stay. There were over 3000 responses and you are welcome to review a summary of the results.

New Buzz Survey

nobuzz.pngApril 1, 2013 - Atlanta, GA - The Ramblin' Wreck is the official mascot of Georgia Tech. However for the past four decades, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have also been using Buzz as an additional mascot. In recent months several serious concerns have been raised about this choice. In particular...

  • Some parents and donors are concerned that the word "buzz" is too closely aligned with alcohol and drug use. This is reinforced since Buzz frequently conducts the Budweiser song at games.
  • Faculty in the biosciences are embarrassed by the fact that we have an anatomically incorrect insect for our mascot (Buzz only has four "legs").
  • The Athletic Association is increasingly frustrated with Buzz.
    • They cannot bring a live version of the mascot onto the field at football games (Note: this was attempted in 1991 and several people were severely stung, including the coach).
    • In a series of tests, an actual bulldog was put in a room with an actual yellow jacket and the bulldog killed the yellow jacket 99 percent of the time. This is demoralizing for the football team, who would prefer a mascot that can, in real life, kill a real bulldog.
  • Due to budget cuts, the Institute is no longer able to afford the cost of trademark infringement lawsuits. (Note: we spent over $700,000 in a suit against the Salt Lake Bees).
  • Buzz is often confused with a bee, hornet, or wasp. This uncertainty and confusion makes him undesirable as a brand.

In order to address these concerns and make sure the Institute is not exposed to unnecessary risk, a Campus Mascot Task Force led by Dr. Loof Lirpa was convened to explore other possible mascots.

Please complete the following one page survey to provide your feedback. If you have any questions, you may also submit feedback through email.


If the Campus Mascot Task Force decides to keep Buzz and his name, the mascot may need to take steps to address some of the concerns described above.

Note that the final decision will be made by the Campus Mascot Task Force. This body has been instructed to make sure any new mascot is properly aligned with the Campus Strategic Plan.

If you have any questions, you may also submit feedback through email.