Status message

Thank you for your feedback.  If a new mascot is selected as a result of this process, you will receive an invitation to Buzz's retirement ceremony sponsored by Terminix.

Survey Results

Q responses
1 What do you think would be an appropriate replacement for Buzz? (Choose one)
A Robot 184
A bulldog-killing Robot 567
A actual yellow jacket, genetically engineered to be 5' 4" tall. 1047
A different animal wearing a yellow jacket 206
Nothing, keep Buzz! 1064
Other (please fill in a suggestion. 256 character max.) 122
2 Other - Suggestions
Other responses to question #1 included:
  • Bring back Clough and put him in a silly hat.
  • A wasabi-filled echidna engineered to eat bean sprouts in 1080p.
  • Sleep-deprived college student holding coffee.
  • Ramblin' Wreck Transformer that changes into a Yellow Jacket.
  • Return to the one used in the late 60's-early 70's on the T symbol with the large wings and long legs.
  • A Georgia Tech professor, which is more intimidating than any of these options.
3 If the current Buzz mascot is kept, we may need to change his name. What do you think should be his new name? (Choose one)
Stingy 309
Vespula 302
Yellow Jack-ula 320
Jeet ("GT pronounced as a word") 689
Nothing, keep Buzz! 1402
Other (please fill in a suggestion. 256 character max.) 168
4 Other - Suggestions
Other responses to question #2 included:
  • Sir Stings-a-lot
  • Buzzinga
  • GTerbug, and change the fight song to "Jitterbug"
  • Buzzilla!
  • 'drop+table+names;--
  • Cthulhu
  • george atech(attack)
5 If retained, what activities should Buzz engage in to restore his reputation. (Choose any number of responses)
Buzz should kill an actual bulldog (Note: this would be done with a lethal injection, in a controlled environment, with an animal that would have been put to sleep anyway). 1297
Buzz should lead a campus-wide alcohol and drug awareness campaign (proposed slogan "Don't get a buzz unless you want to get stung"). 682
Buzz's costume should incorporate two additional "thorax legs" and wings that actually allow him to fly. 1457
Buzz should start an independent legal defense fund by selling locally produced honey. 1066
Nothing, leave Buzz alone. 907
Other (please fill in a suggestion. 256 character max.) 139
6 Other - Suggestions
Other responses to question #3 included:
  • Yellow jackets dont make honey
  • This is a joke, right? This campaign is the most utterly ridiculous thing I have heard in years
  • Buzz should fly into Pixar Studios, meet Buzz Lightyear, and demand he take his righteous place as THE Buzz back.
  • Quadcopter harness so he could actually fly. Credit Emil Hessel & Scott Jossey
  • Size does not matter. People should not judge by the size of our mascot!
  • I hope the robot options for a new mascot is a joke...along with naming him Vespula.....this has to be a joke...
  • Buzz, the 5'4" mutant killer bee, lives in Tech Tower, and occasionally leaves his nest to terrorize the citizens of Atlanta.

If you have any questions, you may also submit feedback through email.